Over 20 years of experience in property damage consulting, claims management solutions, and construction management. Offering what the industry needs because we came from the industry we service


The HW3 Philosophy 

HW3’s partners, Howard and Monica, are the most sought-after consultants, authors, educators, speakers and hands-on experts in the property damage claims industry. The philosophy is simple: Assess – Advise – Assist.

As·sess – (verb) – to evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of.

Ad·vise – (verb) – to offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone.

As·sist– (verb) – to help (someone), typically by doing a share of the work.

HW3 Group was formed in 1999 and serves the disaster restoration and property claims industry with this simple philosophy. HW3 helps property owners, vendors, and claims professionals alike. Most clients are referred to HW3 on large and complex claims. When nobody else can figure it out, HW3 is here to help.

The HW3 Group team is experienced, uniquely qualified, and specially trained to assist our clients from the front office to the front line.

The restoration consulting and claims management industries have become a crowded space. When the decision is made to invest in a firm, there are three (3) key considerations: Knowledge, Experience, and Integrity.



Between their extensive training and qualifications, Monica and Howard, are two of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Monica’s knowledge of claims analysis and packaging, coupled with her unmatched mastery of the claims process, makes her a leading claims management expert in the industry. Howard is third generation in the building trades and, not only carries numerous certifications, but has developed and updated several more certification and training programs. Howard’s knowledge of building envelopes, the restoration and construction process, as well as their proper pricing and procedures, makes his knowledge unparalleled in the industry.



Howard has 35+ years in cleaning, restoration, and construction. Monica has over 20 years in claims management and claims consulting. No other consulting firm in the industry matches the experience in technical inspections and protocols, claims handling, and dispute resolution. With several million square feet of property inspected, billions of dollars recovered, and over a hundred satisfied clients, HW3 Group has the experience necessary to handle the largest and most complex projects.



HW3 has donated time, knowledge, and money to the industry in many ways. Howard and Monica have sat on several boards and committees of industry associations, standard bodies and other causes to expand the knowledgebase of the industry and promote best practices of the construction, property damage restoration, insurance claims, and cleaning industries.




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