Claims Management


Claims Management

HW3 is a leader and innovator in the claim management arena. We educate our clients and fully explain the claims process, walking side-by-side every step of the way. Our vast experience, collaborative philosophy, and well-managed approach is truly a positive experience. Part of that experience is understanding the unspoken “dance” that takes place to achieve success on every claim. It requires a deep understanding of everyone’s role in the process and proper communication between the potentially many materially interested parties (MIPs).

HW3 will help prepare your claim and develop strategies to return your business back to normal operation as quickly as possible. HW3 will also assist in expediting payments to aid with cash flow, audit vendor invoices prior to their payment, and can even clerk the project to ensure you are only invoiced for work appropriate to resolve the claim.

If you’re a company that has multiple locations and experience multiple losses in a policy year, we can assist in a solution to develop and implement an Emergency Recovery Program (both above and below deductible). This can include pre-selection of vendors, insurer representatives, rate sheets, and written protocols on how all MIPs will respond prior to the occurrence of a loss. HW3 helps you create a program that is proactive versus reactive and removing all guesswork.

Want to learn more? Click here for the HW3 white paper titled “What is Claim preparation?”


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