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Keynote or Platform Speaking

Monica and Howard are some of the most sought after and faithfully followed speakers in the restoration, cleaning and claims management industries. Their presence at conventions, trade shows, corporate seminars, trade association meetings, and other events are a sure draw. Monica’s high-spirited and effervescent nature is both easy on the senses and plain to understand. Howard’s contagious sarcasm and charisma combined with his straight-forward speech is refreshing and enlightening.

Expert Witness Services

When it comes to retaining the services of an expert, Monica and Howard have few equals. Given the vast and well-rounded experience of the HW3 partnership, there is little question as to the qualifications of the firm. The success of their firm is unrivaled. HW3 hopes you’ll never need these services, but if you do, we hope you chose carefully and use the best expert you can find.

Webinars and Classes

Monica and Howard offer a wide range of courses, as well as, topics which can be customized to fit the need of any client or group. Whether your need is technical, business, claims, or any combination of topics, HW3 is the team you want.


3 years ago, Monica and Howard devoted themselves to begin a movement. This movement focused on bringing out the best practices and ethical guidance in the industry. HW3TV is a clearing house and forum to broadcast that mission. It has become their passion and their largest devotion of time to give to an industry that has given them so much. It is not just training, or dissemination of information; rather, it is a beacon of human interest, history, and everything good about the restoration, claims, cleaning and construction industries.

Other Services

  • Expert Witness Services
  • Platform or Keynote Speaking
  • Webinars and Classes
  • Other Training Opportunities through HW3TV

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