Construction Management


Construction Management

Beyond being 3rd generation in the building trades, Howard is highly trained and experienced in commercial project management. He has personally managed some of the largest and most complex projects. But, more importantly, he has developed a process and protocols to effectively manage projects of any size. The HW3 way follows those principles and strictly adheres to the three most important principles on any construction project: On-time, On-budget, and according the parties’ agreements.

The HW3 way goes well beyond those three principles, it also includes: best practices in construction methods and technology, highest standards in safe work environments, and an unwavering commitment to quality in every detail. Your project is every bit as important to us as it is to you.

HW3 sits at the intersection of Old German heritage and craftsmanship, American work ethic and ingenuity, and modern technology and inspiration for the future. When we manage a build, it’s not with the intent that we will be remodeling or rebuilding every few years, it’s with the confidence that what we build will last. We believe in generational building practices, in both our structures and our client relationships. In two years, when we meet our clients for the next project, it won’t be to fix what was previously built, it will be to assist in the expansion of their success.


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